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2014 December UGC / CBSE NET Solved Question Paper in Library and Information Science, Paper-2(Page-1)

Note : This paper contains fifty (50) objective type questions of two (2) marks each. All questions are compulsory.
1. Who introduced the concept of ‘knowledge industry’ ?
 (A) Peter Drucker                                         (B) Fritz Machlup
 (C) Marc Porat                                             (D) William Saffady
Ans: 2
2. When the last print version of Encyclopaedia Britannica was published ?
 (A) 2009                                                        (B) 2010
 (C) 2011                                                        (D) 2012
Ans: 2
3. Identify the place where IFLA was first found.
 (A) The Hague, Netherlands                         (B) Edinburgh, Scotland
 (C) Helsinki, Finland                                      (D) London
Ans: 2
4. Information For All Programme (IFAP) was launched by
 (A) IFLA                                                         (B) Library of Congress
 (C) OCLC                                                      (D) UNESCO
Ans: 4
5. A cross reference that gives an indexer complete control over the cross references of an index is known as :
 (A) see also cross reference                        (B) check also cross reference
 (C) see cross reference                               (D) inverted cross reference
Ans: 4
6. DMAIC is the acronym for :
 (A) Define, Measure, Access, Improve and Control
 (B) Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control
 (C) Describe, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control
 (D) Define, Measure, Access, Instruct and Control
Ans: 2
7. A template is a
 (A) Structured specification                        (B) Recursive routine
 (C) Assembler program                              (D) I/O measure
Ans: 1
8. The mode of displaying graphic information pixel by pixel with bits in main memory is
 (A) Bit handling                                           (B) Bit mapping
 (C) Bit pattern                                             (D) Bit matrix
Ans: 2
9. ‘Delphi Technique’ was first discussed in a monograph by
 (A) O. Helmer                                               (B) E. Nagel
 (C) D.M. Potter                                             (D) J.H. Shera
Ans: 1
10. The service that helps the students to acquire soft skills, writing skills and job-oriented skills is
 (A) Reader’s advisory                                 (B) Career guidance
 (C) Referral service                                    (D) User education
Ans: 2

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