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2014 December UGC / CBSE NET Solved Question Paper in Library and Information Science, Paper-3(Page-1)

Note : This paper contains seventy five (75) objective type questions of two (2) marks each. All questions are compulsory.
1. Name the characteristics of information in which the more information we have, the more we use, the more it becomes useful.
 (A) Synergetic Characteristics                  (B) Diffusive Characteristics
 (C) Compressible Characteristics             (D) Shareable Characteristics
2. MIS provides all sorts of information required for :
 (A) Management of Organisation              (B) Preparation of Budget
 (C) Administration                                      (D) Decision making
Ans:Wrong question
3. Identify the correct sequence of elements of communication :
 (A) Channel-Decoder-Destination-Encoder-Message-Source
 (B) Decoder-Channel-Destination-Message- Source-Encoder
 (C) Source-Encoder-Message-Channel-Decoder-Destination
 (D) Encoder-Decoder-Source-Message-Channel-Destination
4. Who has recommended the establishment of district, taluka, town and village libraries ?
 (A) S.R. Ranganathan
 (B) Velaga Venkatappayya
 (C) Fyzee Report
 (D) Library Advisory Committee
5. From which year the Encyclopaedia Britannica ceased its print version ?
 (A) 2009                    (B) 2010
 (C) 2011                    (D) 2012
6. ‘Indian Citation Index’ (ICI) is developed by
 (A) Informatics India
 (B) Veeru’s technologies
 (D) Knowledge Foundation
7. The class index entries which are derived from the class number of a document are based upon :
 (A) Unsought links                           (B) Missing links
 (C) False links                                 (D) Sought links
8. Which of the following does not belong to the set of canons for the characteristics ?
 (A) Canon of Differentiation
 (B) Canon of Ascertainability
 (C) Canon of Currency
 (D) Canon of Relevance
9. Semouv Lubutzsky and Mary Piggot are associated with which of the following ?
 (A) Classification                              (B) Cataloguing
 (C) Indexing                                     (D) Management
10. Who advocated the seven basic statistical tools for quality control ?
 (A) Joseph Juran                            (B) Phillip Crosby
 (C) Kauro Ishikawa                         (D) C.A. Cutter


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