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2015 June UGC / CBSE NET Solved Question Paper in Library and Information Science, Paper-3(Page-1)

Note : This paper contains seventy five (75) objective type questions of two (2) marks each.All questions are compulsory.

1.         The protection of copyright in the care of films, photographs, anonymous, pseudonymous publications and works of governments, the 60 year period is counted from :

(1)       the date of birth of creator  (2)       year following the death of creator

(3)       the date of publication        (4)       as per statement of author


2.         International Standard Music Number (ISMN) for print music is promoted, coordinated and supervised by :

(1)       International Agency for ISMN, London

(2)       International Standards Agency for Music, Sydney

(3)       Standards Agency for Music International, Paris

(4)       The International ISMN Agency, Berlin


3.         In which year the WIPO Copyright Treaty was adopted ?

(1) 1995         (2) 1996         (3) 1997         (4) 1998


4.         Which one of the following data bases has not originated from USA ?

(1)       BIOSIS                                   (2)       MEDLARS

(3)       Chemical Abstracts             (4)       INSPEC


5.         The knowledge to which we have valid, conscious, introspective access under all circumstances is called :

(1)       Explicit knowledge              (2)       Semi tacit knowledge

(3)       Tacit knowledge                   (4)       Predictive knowledge


6.         ‘Working Papers’ fall under the category of :

(1) Books       (2) Monographs        (3) News papers  (4) Grey Literature


7.         Who developed the theory of Information Supply and Indexing based on five axioms (doctorines) such as - definability; order; sufficient degree of order; predictability; and Fidelity ?

(1)       Rubert Fugmann                 (2)       William Cooper

(3)       E. Garfield                             (4)       Calvin Moores


8.         Which of the viceroys was associated with the imperial library Act.

(1)       Lord Curzon                          (2)       Lord Minto

(3)       Lord Willington                     (4)       Lord Vipin


9.         Identify the full form of the acronym FAIFE (IFLA)

(1)       Full-text Access to Information for Free Expression

(2)       Full-text Access to Internet for Free E-resources

(3)       Free Archives on Internet for Free Expression

(4)       Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression


10.       Boolean Logic was propounded by :

(1) P.K. Boole           (2) G.R. Boole           (3) K.S. Boole           (4) George Boole


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